Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Forward Your New Voices Questions To...

When The Pink Heart Society grabbed Editor Lucy Gilmour for a question and answer session I was pretty thrilled to get the competition parameters clarified. I had been hearing rumours that the competition was open to more than just the UK lines, and thanks to Lucy we now know that it’s true! You can enter anything from Desire to Nocturne, which opens the field right up. It’s going to be one whopping competition.

Angie Peters also asked some great question that you may want the answers to yourself so pop over to the blog here to read Lucy’s post, the comments and answers so far (including the power of the voters over the end results), and of course to add your own questions.

Thanks Lucy!



joanne pibworth said...

Cheers Lacey for the heads-up, there was a question I've needed to ask and now I can!



Lacey Devlin said...

No problem :). It's a great question too I'm looking forward to hearing the answer.

Angie Peters said...

Hey Lacey, like I've said before your blog is the place to be for the updates of NV :)

It was a great opportunity to actually get some questions clarified by one of the Eds. Looking forward to the answers to some of the other questions :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lacey! Its been a while... Your blog is looking good! x

Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Angie! Not long until the launch now but it's been really great to get some of the niggles out of the way. Lucy's always really generous with her time.

Mel - Long time no see! I'll be popping by your blog soon.

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