Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Interrupt This Program...

… to scream!

Secrets, Kiss and Baby Wishes has a full manuscript request and as its mother I am very proud.

This is my first full request and I have to say it’s thrilling to know that my writing isn’t all that bad after all ;).

I am looking for a wee bit of advice though on the cover letter (pernickety aren’t I?). I have come across a couple of arguments, one being that it suffices to simply introduce your manuscript and provide contact details, the other advice suggests an approach similar to the query letter encompassing your writing history etc however I do feel like I’m repeating myself and my aim isn’t to irritate.

Thanks guys!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Australia Has Dust...

Australia has a lot of dust.
I kid you not.

I have to admit I was feeling a little smug on my choice of locale when this dust storm swept across our cities…

…until it reached us 24 hours later.

Good one God.

That is the Opera House in the background, in case you were wondering.

I got up this morning to this headline: “Is the dust radioactive?”

My joy is indescribable.

The fuss is over a uranium mine which is near the site the storm originated from. Of course the dust is very likely not radioactive and I’m not running around screaming (as fun as that sounds). But it’s not exactly what you want to see on a Saturday morning.

The dust has made life… interesting, and now I’m about to get super friendly with my vacuum, which will likely have a name of it’s own by the end of the day… I’m thinking Vaughn. What say you?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Diana Palmer

I meant to post this for you a couple of weeks ago. It’s an interview with Diana Palmer talking about her own journey to publication (she’s a crafty one) and the two boxes (that’s right TWO BOXES!!) of rejections that she has received. I’m quite fond of my rejections too, all things considered :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding, Races & A Patridge In A Pear Tree

I’ve never actually seen a pear tree come to think of it…

Did you miss me? Did you notice my absence?

Probably not, but for politeness sake you’ll pretend you did and I appreciate your acting skills, really I do.

Where have I been? To a wedding, among other things. A wedding where I was reminding that yes, even on top of a building, grass and high heels do not mix. I was lucky enough to be wearing a dress that didn’t blow up like Marilyn Monroe’s every time gust of wind came, so for that I was thankful, even if my two inch heels sent me plummeting downwards when I put the slightest bit of weight on them.

One day men shall have to wear them and we’ll see who’s laughing then!

Precisely one week after said gorgeous wedding I found myself at the races and once again grass and high heels – not a good mix. I’ve never had a sudden urge to perch a bunch of feathers on my head and stand in the sun for hours on end but I had a lovely time actually and would even consider doing it again just for the sake of wearing a pair of my favourite shoes (yes my weakness) and a new dress (did someone say shopping?)

Aside from that all housework, work, tax (yes I like to leave it until the last minute and live dangerously) and life have gone by the wayside and I am now desperately trying to catch back up.

That’s also my way of confessing to doing very little writing, by the way.

My competition entry took on a life of its own and switched into external conflict mode, bad manuscript. While in keeping with Desire guidelines I’m sure it would send Harlequin Presents editors reaching for the red pen (and alcohol). That’s the problem with writing for more than one line, occasionally the other sneaks in when you’re tired.

Honestly I don’t think the ms and I are talking at the moment. I’m not impressed at all because I didn’t exactly notice at first so there’s a couple of thousand words about to go bye bye.

I’ve been trying to remember whether Lynn Raye Harris or Lucy Roberts had completed manuscripts or if they concentrated on the first chapter and synopsis only for their entries. Does anyone know?

How’s everyone else competition entry going?

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