Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I’ve been working on updating this blog and my manuscript and that’s why my posting has been MIA.

Quite frankly the background html coding for my new layout is giving me a migraine and I can’t work out why the darn thing won’t go where I want so I gave it up (for the moment) to return to my current MS, and get your tissues ready, you’re about to see the 36K on my writing progress bar drop to about 9K.

Insert sob here ;)

I wish I could claim I was being hard on myself, and overly dramatic but the truth is that I’ve just repeated mistakes from my previous rejection letter, which is unforgivable.

The fact is that this is a bit of a trend with me. Chapters 1 to 3 I really like, the rest goes to hell in a hand basket. The internal conflict is suppose to drive the external conflict but somewhere in chapter 4 I go on an external conflict spree, massacring the manuscript and making it torturous to write and, more importantly, read.

I deluded myself through about 20K, telling myself I was tired and that every writer has days where the words just won’t come. Yep, 30K worth Lacey? I don’t think so. Ahh how I miss my bubble of delusion now ;).

So the question is why isn’t my internal conflict strong enough to carry? The problem is that it should work, of the many, many M&Bs I’ve read similar conflicts have been presented and worked.

Is it my process? But I’ve tried everything from plotting in extreme, frightening detail to dangerously pantsing it. Next on my list is to try tearing my hair out…

Unfortunately, I’m so sick of the darn thing right now I’m finding it hard to be an advocate for it (and this is after a week break, because cutting 30K isn’t something I take lightly). I have three more weeks until the date I wanted to post the proposal which may be doable since I have some time off but ONLY IF I WORK OUT WHAT I’M DOING WRONG (very important hence capitalization, be afraid).

I’m missing something, I know I am, of all the texts and articles I’ve read on conflict I understand the concepts, I understand the drive and yet…

So the questions arise. Am I writing for the wrong line? Perhaps the wrong genre?

Is anyone else in a tussle with their latest and greatest? All venters welcome.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I Did a Bad Bad Thing

That blog title could cover a whole spectrum of bad behavior but I’m talking about a broken promise.

To myself.

So it’s not that bad, really…when you think about it…right?

Confession: I started another WIP.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. I have a bit of a load on for 2010 so I said, “Focus on one at a time this year, Lacey, get that one out there in the world and then start on the next”.

Bu-ut, I just couldn’t help myself could I?

And yes I do talk to myself.

So, instead of providing you with an actually helpful writing post (on the joys of spreadsheet plotting—no don’t flinch, it’s fun, really) I have to confess that not only am I not working on the MS I should be (because let’s face it, it’s a bit of a mess, poor baby) I’m not doing anything else I should be doing either.

Like cleaning, studying, feeding the things that breathe…

Bad, bad girl.

I am enjoying myself though…

P.S. I think I’ve managed to kill two bushes in the garden, no small feat since they have spikes and I’m pretty sure they tried to kill me when I was cutting them back. Also, was informed by the physiotherapist that my brain has “neglected” my foot, which basically means that it’s not recognizing that it’s there. Let me tell you, it took some convincing that I wasn’t in control of my own foot anymore. Ah well, who doesn’t enjoy a rare surgery complication? ;)
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