Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An 'R' Anyone?


The lovely editors at the Mills & Boon Medical line sent me my rejection this evening. It was nice that it wasn’t a form letter and I was even sane enough to absorb some of their wisdom during the first read through (usually I just get the "NO!").

The problem: the conflict didn’t revolve around the medical aspect enough (that’ll teach me for boundary pushing). It always seems to come back to conflict for me. I honestly can’t decide if all that I’m reading on the topic is making the situation better or worse. I’m leaning toward the latter...

I don’t believe I’ll be entering New Voices. I just don’t think I’m up to the calibre they’re look for yet and I like to think I’m sparing some poor soul from trudging through another entry in the first round, and possibly some embarrassment on my own behalf.

I’ll still be here cheering the rest of you on though and reading madly (...while researching conflict).


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

In a little over a week submissions for round one of the New Voices competition will open and writers all around the world will synchronise their hyperventilation.

The NV competition was launched in Camden, London last Wednesday and boy does Mill & Boon know how to throw a party or what? Check out the picture below. Is that not amazing? Doubly so for anyone who has a serious addiction to post its.

Last week was a big one for me. I sent off my submission to Harlequin’s Medical Fast-Tracking and unfortunately other deadlines (for non writing related activity) stood in the way of my announcing it to all and sundry. So, consider this my belated boast about my submission prowess ;-).

A HUGE congrats to minxes Suzanne Jones and Joanne Cleary who have received requests for partials from the Fast-Track!

Now, who has finished their NV entry? Just 8 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes and 10 seconds left to go at the time of this blog posting!


Friday, August 20, 2010

New Voices Finals Will Be A Team Sport

I have couple more updates on the New Voices competition for you.

There’s been a lot of questions about the ‘pivotal moment’ element of the competition, basically along the lines of “Watta you want?”.  M&B have answered this question on a couple of occasions that I've come across, but the most recent defines the PM is key moment in the hero and heroine’s journey toward each other with the aim of showing an aspiring interaction that delivers the depth of emotion M&B lines always provide. M&B examples included the hero and heroine’s first kiss, a moment of doubt or a moment of connection.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to read them!

Another exciting announcement was with regards to the mentor teams. The four author mentors have been announced but, as you know, they’ll each be joined by four fabulous editors. The four amazing teams (one of which you could end up working with) are:

1. Rhyannon Byrd & Lesley Stonehouse

2. Jessica Hart & Meg Lewis

3. Heidi Rice & Sally Williamson

4. Sharon Kendrick & Bryony Green

Those are going to be four seriously lucky finalists!

Remember: you have to be in it to win it!  So get working on that entry!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fast-Tracking and New Voices Update

Most of you probably already know about this one but just in case anyone has missed it. Harlequin Medical are fast-tracking all submissions in August. You can submit anything from a synopsis and the first chapter to a full manuscript by the 24th of August and you will get a reply in August! Anyone who has been submitting for a while knows just how special this opportunity is so don’t miss it! For more information click here.

The editorial team trying to get through all the entries will probably need to take the rest of the year off so an early Merry Christmas to them. 


A wee update for the New Voices Competition *pause to let you all squeal* the mentors have been announced and prepare to get a little star crazy because they are:

- Rhyannon Byrd (Nocturne)

- Jessica Hart (Sweet/Tender)

- Heidi Rice (Sexy Sensation/Modern Heat)

- Sharon Kendrick (Sexy/Presents)
It was also just announced that Editorial Director Karin Stoecker has had to pull out as a competition judge (she’s still excited about the competition though!). Executive Editor Tessa Shapcott has kindly stepped in to fill her place. So make sure you’re bribing the right person.... ;-).

What are you working on? Medical fast-track? New Voices entry? Not biting your fingers off, since the nails are long gone, as you wait to hear on a submission?

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