Friday, April 3, 2009

Unorganized Perfectionist

I’m typing this in the dark. That’s right ladies and gentlemen I’m a rebel. Alert the town elders! Actually even though the town elders aren’t with me right now I can practically hear my grandmother’s voice in my head telling me to turn the light on or have my retinas burnt out. Choices, choices…

Unorganised perfectionist. A good friend gave me a notepad with those two words on it. Do you think she was trying to tell me something? You would think it wouldn’t be possible wouldn't you? An unorganized perfectionist. Someone anal should surely have their life together, right? Tell that to the moving boxes (I think they’re breeding).

You’ve probably heard via town crier that Stephenie Meyer was the biggest selling writer in the US in 2008 with 15 million book sales (
Romantic Times). The aim of this fact lesson isn’t to bore you senseless but to point out that the lovely Miss Meyer has taken pity on the rest of the unpublished and confessed to harsh rejection in the same manner as which Janet Evanovich confessed to avoiding the agent who wrote an acceptance with a purple crayon on a bar napkin (as you do).

Now I haven’t actually read Meyer's series or watched the movie (which is a first) so I got to be an outsider for once, I got to observe the media frenzy. The truth is you get swept away with the excitement. I know quite a bit about Stephenie having never read a piece of her work! I find that alone, amazing. Imagine the world knowing all about you without having picked up your book because you are THAT good. I say dream BIG! Build an extra house for your dream if you have to ;)!

Stephenie’s story speaks of intimidation with the whole publishing process and luck (the 'L' word has been proven to be a key ingredient in many big successes) and you can read about it right

Hope it buoys you ;) Let me know your thoughts.


Suzanne said...

Thanks for the link, will have a look at that just now.

I quite like writing in the dark - it's a good way of cutting out distractions.

Good luck with the boxes.


Felicity Roger said...

I, like you, have not read Stephanie's books, although my older daughters are devouring them as we speak. I am also on the outside with J.K. Rowlings as well, as I have never read those either. But cannot fail to get inspired by the story of their respective success'.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Stephanie Meyer hit the jackpot along with JK Rowling - the jackpot being appealing not to just one age group or just one genre, but to a whole lot. And yep, that's a combination of luck and the right book at the right time. Lucky Devils! Sadly, I will never write anything that kids, YA and adults can enjoy - too much nookie in mine. ;-)

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