Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

On Saturday I woke up and decided to buy a ferret.

I’m not a particularly impulsive person (as you will soon see) and although I’ll admit to being slightly (only slightly) insane I think
Rachael Johns has to take some credit for putting cute pictures of ferrets on her website :).

Now I have my own menagerie so I turned to Wikipedia just to check current things wouldn’t eat the new thing or vice versa.

Uh huh. So ferrets aren’t particularly toilet trained and you need to have lots of litter boxes that you clean regularly. I immediately have an image of twenty boxes all over the place and of course by the time I finish cleaning all twenty I’ll just have to start all over again. I’m going to assume Paris Hilton had a ferret babysitter. Then there’s the other plus that ferret’s like to get behind things (e.g washing machines) where of course they could die… Let’s just say I’m not great with the death of a beloved pet so I’d have a heart attack every time it left my sight. Then of course there’s the fact that I have birds and ferrets aren’t averse to eating me either…

Bloody fingers anyone?

So no ferret. Maybe someday…

Did I mention I’m on a new diet? I have been for about three weeks now. Why does the word moron suddenly come to mind? It’s for far more than just weight loss and has more rules than the legal system has laws. No sugar. No dairy. No sauces. No nothing. *Sigh* My favourite foods are of course pasta and chocolate... and it’s Easter… WHY!!!

On a random note experts now recognize chocolate as an addiction. Soon there will be people all over the world standing up in meetings to announce: “I’m … and I’m a chocoholic”. *Sigh* The day you have to give up chocolate is a very sad day indeed.

What did you get up to this Easter?



Rachael Johns said...

Haha Lacey! you made me laugh my head off!! I'm tempted too... but I have a million reasons why it's probably not a good idea either. Giving these things to our heroines though... there's an idea!

Joanne Cleary said...

Erm, yeah, not keen on cleaning up poop and bloody fingers? No thanks. I think you need a Lhasa Apso puppy Lacey! That's my tip for you.

As for Easter, sat eating the chocolate buttons out of an egg. And if you ask, I might admit that they are not mine. But the kids are in bed and they will never know. Because they can't read!!

Jackie Ashenden said...

I've eaten ALL my Easter chocolate and I didn't even give any to the kids. How mean is that? :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Ah ha! See the ferret buying urges are spreading! I have to admit I live vicariously through my heroines too Rach. Sometimes it's just the only way you can get away with certain things... rear ending your boss’s car on purpose for instance…

So, now I want a Lhasa Apso puppy and I blame Joanne! I love baby animals but especially puppies. I've been bodily dragged away from a Poodle Maltese cross just this year and I like to think I put up a good fight ;) If you can't make a fool of yourself in a pet shop when can you?

I had to laugh at the sneaky chocolate button eating Joanne! Usually that would have been me. I officially relinquish my chocolate eating crown to you!

Lol Jackie! Sometimes mummy needs to eat the chocolate, it's better for the kids to learn that life lesson now ;) Besides, chocolate is good for you, the TV told me so.

Jackie Ashenden said...

I fully believe that, Lacey. Chocolate is full of iron and I'm sure I'm quite anaemic. :-)

Hey, just wanted to say, re your sub. Why don't you post a query on the eHarlequin boards? Do it in the subcare area. The people there are full of good advice and I'm sure they'll let you know if querying is okay. I know about the Richmond office, but not too sure about NY. Just a thought anyway.

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