Friday, January 22, 2010

Give Me An 'R'

Sadly the wait is over for the results on my full, and I was quite happily waiting thank you very much, but all good things have to come to an end, including my lessons in patience. The result wasn’t what writer hopes for, so that manuscript has been assigned a new position in my filing system and will never see the light of day again.

One good thing comes with a rejection, and that is chocolate.

I have to admit I’ll be taking a little break from writing (alright so I may not completely stop…) while I finish a couple of life’s more mundane projects, have an operation and consider certain aspects of my writing. I’ve been struggling a bit lately and I need to work out why, perhaps I’m in the wrong category, wrong genre, wrong career? Perhaps I really should have gone to business school?

Maybe it’s not too late…


I’m not that desperate…

I’m joking, really I am.

Well, I’m joking about everything but buying the local supermarket out of TimTams (if you don't know what a TimTam is we're talking serious chocolate biscuits).

So while I’m not seriously writing and the rest of you are, consider me your personal cheerleader :)

Is anyone else waiting on a submission?


Judy Jarvie said...

Huge huge hugs Lacey. And go go go for that chocolate. Whatever helps, sugar therapy is allowed.
For what it's worth it I know exactly what you are feeling but in time your mojo will return with boxing gloves on. And you will sock it good. jx
P.S. just be proud. You did it and tried your best. And every R is a learning curve.
P.P.S. Will have some choc too in your honour.

Lorraine said...

Have a hug Lacey and as much virtual chocolate as my internet connection can stand.

You might not feel ready to do it right now but have you thought about sending to another publisher?

Oh and here's some 'R's for you - Resilience, Resurgence and 'Really good blog writer who makes me smile and should never give up'.

Sally Clements said...

Hi Lacey. Bummer. Serious commisserations on your R, I'm waiting for M & B to come back to me with a partial they've had since 1st July, and I don't think the news will be good...
Hey, why not dash over to Donna Alward's competition and fire her off a pitch for her pitch comp? I've just made up something new and fired it off. Maybe having Donna as a mentor for a year would compliment the tim-tams? You've got a few hours left....

Joanne Coles said...

Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about that Lacey. But surely the fact they asked for the full meant they liked what they saw in your writing?

Don't let it affect you so badly you give up. Maybe a break is what you need to get you back on the horse, so to speak. You'll miss it so much you can't NOT write? I hope so.

Sending lots of non fattening chocolate and huge hugs xxx

Angie Peters said...

Hugs, Lacey! Getting an R must hurt, but it's great that you're taking the time to take stock and evaluate where you're going with your writing.

Did you get any useful comments along with your R?

Good luck with your operation - I hope it's not serious...

Jackie Ashenden said...

Big hugs on the R, Lacey!! I was so hoping for you... That sucks. Having been on the R end of the spectrum a few times, I know how you feel.

Did you get some feedback about why it was rejected?

BTW, if you've had a full request then your writing must be VERY good, so none of this talk about giving up okay? Have a break if that's the right thing to do, then get back into it.

Oh and I have a partial out. It's only been 3 weeks but a couple of people have heard within a week and I'm feeling a bit frustrated. :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Aww thanks everyone I'm really touched you all stopped by to wallow with me ;)

They were kind enough to give me feedback. My writing is good but there were too many plot devices and my heroine comes across as a martyr (which she didn't have permission to do...darn characters can't get them to do anything you want ;) ).

Kaily Hart said...

Are you kidding me? You were asked to submit a full ms and got an 'R' with those kind of comments? I know a rejection is a rejection but that is really great! I know after something like this everyone takes stock of the path they're on, but don't give up just because you got an 'R'!! Give up for other reasons if you must, but not that! There's never been a successful author out there who hasn't received their share of 'R's along the way. Plus, the only difference between a published author and an unpublished one is that the published author didn't give up. I'm sending you cyber chocolate and I'm salivating at the mention of TimTams! You can't buy them here in the US and can't get them unless you beg for a care package from home or buy off the internet (and they are sometimes stale). Have one or two or a packet for me!! Hang in there!

Caroline Storer said...

MASSIVE hugs on the "R". Gotta hate them - I knnow I do! Hope your operation goes well. But don't give up on the writing. Caroline x

Suzanne Jones said...

Sorry, arriving late - but adding my hugs and cyber chocs to everyone else's.

Rs are always rotten - but you got much further than most of us with the request, so be proud of that. And as Lorraine said, there are other publishers, so give yourself a few days and think about sending it elsewhere.

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Kaily. I'm not giving up but I'm going to take a sneaky break ;) I'm devastated for you that there are no TimTams! I definitely take them for granted. They're always somewhere around-even at the gas stations :D

Thanks Caroline :) It's just an ankle reconstruction but after taking serious pain meds for years for another problem I developed an allergic reaction and almost kissed my liver goodbye so I'm doing it without the usual drugs... which should be interesting ;)

Hi Suzanne! The eds comments are right on the money (no surprise there lol). It would take some serious reworking to fix it so I think it's a lost cause. On to the next one :).

Kerrin said...

Hi Lacey
Sounds like an R with feedback is the best kind of R to receive! Don't take it badly.
Hit the chocolate and take a break but then write again. Do something different. You may just get it right the next time :)

Rachael Johns said...

Oh Lacey... so sorry on your R and my delayed response. I've been away. R's on fulls are so awful... take the time you need and then jump back in the saddle with more determination than EVER!!

You CAN do it!!!


Janette Radevski said...

Hugs Lacey, so sorry to hear about your R. Take a break by all means, but please don't give up!

Heidi said...

Damn Lacey, that sucks!

Sorry to hear about your R and sorry to be so late getting over here to commiserate.

As has so rightly been pointed out though, every author both pubbed and unpubbed knows exactly how you feel, cos the vast majority will have been there too. Me included. I found the toughest part was leaving behind characters that I had invested so much time and effort in and whose story felt so real to me. It's a blow and no mistake...

But I think there are some huge positives in your R. For starters the eds liked your voice. That's why they asked for the full in the first place because they saw real potential. It must have fitted the line and that's huge, because it's the one thing you can't change. Also the negatives they mentioned - plotting, characterisation of your heroine - are both craft issues, these are the things you can only learn to do right through trial and error which is exactly what you're doing.

Definitely take a break. Have a packet of TimTams you deserve it. And then you'll be ready to jump back in when the next story starts to brew (which it will, cos you're a writer).


Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Heidi! That means so much :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that! All I can say is, take it lightly. Life is full of things like this I'm sure you'll get over this! Big hugs.. I love chocolates too! go for it!

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