Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'A' is for Addiction

So my writing break lasted all of two days.

That’s willpower right there.

I’m sure there’s a twelve step program out there with my name on it.

Anyway, I have a sneaky suspicion that my writing is about as subtle as a hammer to the head (hence the overuse of plot devices in my last submission) so I am currently learning the art of subtlety in plot construction.

Sadly, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Why? Because I’m a closet drama queen (it’s amazing what you will discover from editorial feedback…). I’m rational by day, but give me a new word document and… well, I’ll probably set someone on fire…

Power crazed? Moi?

So I’m trying to tone down my current WIP but I have to admit that it’s one of those subconscious bad habits that is going to take a little while for me to stomp out. Let’s hope that my heroine’s martyr tendencies disappear with it…

I’m sure the overachiever in me will pick up some more bad habits in the meantime…

Is anyone else battling a case of the dreaded BHs? 


Sally Clements said...

I'm trying to stop being so plot heavy in my romance writing, but finding it difficult (which is why I'm also writing crime!!!) Would be happy to read anything if you're looking for a crit partner... So glad you're back writing!

Kaily Hart said...

Welcome 'back'!

Joanne Coles said...

I think you just needed a few days to grieve for your previous ms. But you have to remember, it was requested so they loved your query. Onwards and upwards, Lacey. Lovely to see you blogging again, have missed you :-)

Suzanne Jones said...

From one closet drama queen to another, hope you get that WIP to behave.


Jackie Ashenden said...

I'm addicted to writing. I can't stop. Even when I'm not supposed to be writing, I can't stop thinking about it. I know, it's terrible.

About plot devices...if you have your characters drive the plot, then you don't need plot devices. ie, the plot turns on their decisions. Does that make sense? Not sure if that works for Desire though..

Caroline Storer said...

Yay! Welcome back Lacey! Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Sally! I'm sadly a horrible crit partner but I'm hoping someday soon life will settle down enough for me to change that :D

Joanne :) Ah the grieving, I know it so well ;) You're right, I got a little further with this submission so I really can't complain!

Haha! Thanks Suzanne :D We'll start a club... champagne and chocolates will be involved... it could get ugly :P

Thanks Kaily and Caroline!

Jackie - Ah the joys of internal and external conflict! I've yet to master it. I think that's half the battle (and half the fun ;) )

gaelikaa said...

Oh, sometimes writing can be so frustrating. Hope you are well, Lacey. Didn't see you around for a while.

truestarr said...

Your blog makes me happy, so I've given you an award! It's posted on my blog.

Keep writing!


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