Monday, March 1, 2010

Your Friendly Stalker

Did you read “stalker” and automatically think of your next door neighbor, the one who keeps peering at you from over the fence and has you seriously considering topping it with barbwire?

I’m actually talking about me. I quite possibly spend far too much time on all your blogs, but well, it’s not likely to stop anytime soon. So in true stalker fashion I’m going to direct you all to an article and an entry that I loved.

Thanks to Kate Hardy I give you this article. Stuart MacBride has some great tips on writing. My favorite is the “Who Cares?” post it – you’ll see what I mean :).

I’m also going to post a link to Barbara Hannay’s blog for anyone who needs a giggle. She's posted The Washington Post’s winning submissions to its yearly neologism contests, where readers provide alternative meanings for common words. “Coffee” will never be the same again...

A huge thanks to Jes at Prospero’s Cellphone who awarded me the Happy Cupcake Award! And what is happier than a cupcake? The award requires a list of ten things that make me happy so here we go:
1. Cupcakes: is anyone surprised?
2. Chocolate: hmmm again, probably not a surprise.
3. Rainbows: well they're pretty aren't they?
4. Books: for their 100% guaranteed escapism or your money back.
5. Writing: I'm an addict.
6. Signing: which I'm terrible at but that hasn't stopped me... yet.
7. Baby animals: well all animals for that matter, but the little ones are just so cute!
8. Holidays: because they certainly don't make me sob hysterically into my pillow at night.
9. Chatting over coffee and cake: my favorite way to catch up and expand my waist and thighs...
10. Rainy days: especially when I can curl up on the couch with a book.

Ten bloggers who I pass this award onto:
10. Suzanne Jones

The official rules are:
1. Copy the award image into a post
2. List 10 things that make you happy
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Link to their blogs.
5. Notify the award recipients.
6. Award recipients link back to sender’s blog.

On a writing front I’m deleting more than I’m writing and I’m pretty sure my keyboard sighed with depression yesterday... It’s such a shame that inanimate objects don’t eat chocolate...

Is there such thing as a keyboard whisperer?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jackie Ashenden said...

Thanks for the award, Lacey! And for posting the article..

Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations on the award, Lacey - and thanks for nominating me.


Kerrin said...

Hey Lacey, thanks for nominating me for this Happy things award! I've been nominated for something like this, so much fun!
Will post tomorrow on my blog :)

Janette Radevski said...

Thanks for the nom! Ohhh -cupcakes and chocolate - cannot go wrong either (or both) of those!

Kaily Hart said...

Congrats on the award! I feel like a stalker quite often, but I prefer the term lurker. Less ominous connotations! I think! Keyboard whisperer - I love it!

Joanne Coles said...

Hey, Lacey, thanks for the nom! I love your blog too, you always give me a smile when I read your words. And no, you can't be a stalker. Because if you are, I am too :-)

truestarr said...

Deleting and re-writing is good! It's important to rework things! You come up with new ideas and situations when you rewrite. (sometimes you even come up with better sentences!)

[Keep writing new stuff too... that'll give you more to delete and rewrite the next time.]

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