Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

happy new year003

We’re in 2010.

I thought I’d clarify that for anyone who’s a little unsure having found themselves at Christmas in 2009 one minute, and the next staring at a stormy sky waiting to be rained on or to watch New Year fireworks, whichever happened to come first…

I might be in a teeny bit of denial myself…

I’m behind on my blogging, but having had a break from all things computer like I am now forced to wonder how my precious desk came to look as though I drove my car into it.

To be fair, it is an older desk, but perhaps it’s time for a newer one? That thought only occurred to me when I ended up with a splinter in my thigh. Yes, in my thigh!! I’m just as bamboozled about its location as you are. What can I say? Writing is dangerous…

The point here w as that it’s a New Year and you all know what that means, the dreaded ‘R’ word, and no its not “rabbits”, “Romans” or “running” – although I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to that last one – but “resolutions”.

I’m a rebel. I’ve never had a New Year’s resolution. Although I should admit that my lack of resolutions doesn’t mean that the goal setting hasn’t occurred at some stage.

My goals simply carry over into the New Year or new decade until I reach them but January does mean adjustments to the writing plan since I like to up productivity each year until I’m a super writer, able to leap tall stacks of paper in a single bound, or insane. Perhaps getting bitten by a radioactive spider would be a good first time NY resolution?

A new year and a new diary and me trying to predict what a reasonable person would consider fitting into their day… any ideas? No, I didn’t think so…

How many manuscripts is everyone hoping to deliver to the sacred hands of an editor this year?

Happy writing!


Suzanne Jones said...

My writing fantasy goal is a super duper Nora Roberts style 8 full mss per year. Sadly, the reality will be somewhat different.

Have a terrific 2010, Lacey.


Caroline Storer said...

Happy New Year Lacey!

MS's? One full and three partial - that's my aim this year. Well that's the plan anyway....Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm with you Suzanne! Nora is scarily productive. I've even heard stories of her writing while she's giving speeches - now that's multi-tasking!

Good luck Caroline! I'm cheering for you :D

Joanne Cleary said...

I'm aiming for two partials. I'd like to say three, but I'm being realistic :-)

When I say partials, I mean I'll write the fulls and sub the partial. If that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Have a great new year Lacey! x

Lorraine said...

Two subs to M&B and maybe a brief foray into short stories if I'm brave. I'm a terrible one for unrealistic goals so I'm trying to be sensible for once!
Ouch re. The splinter. Think you're right about it being time for a new desk ;-)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Coming in late here but I've got one partial out there right now. Preparing more. Many, many more. ;-)

Sally Clements said...

Hi Lacey! I have just nominated you for a Kreativ Bloggers Award. Enjoy!

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