Monday, November 30, 2009

NaNo 2009 and CPU Crash

Here I was thinking I might get through an entire year without killing a computer.. who did I think I was kidding?

My desktop computer - the love of my life - has passed and I'm in mourning. Windows 7 has not been my friend and I can't load my Cannon printer or scanner even with the driver downloads (although I'm not sure I have the right ones as they don't give you any detail - thanks for that Cannon). The shiny new monitor that came with the new computer had to be taken back to the shop today because of its tendency to throw tantrums. I don't find the back of my comptuer desk or the plugging and unplugging of equipment partiuclalry thrilling to tell you the truth and I'd like it to stop sometime soon.

All this means that change is bad for your health and I vote for a global ban.

NaNo is coming to an end and there's no way I'm going to reach that 50,000 mark this year. It was always a bit iffy and a sane person would know her limitations. The computer issues certainly didn't help. I'm hovering around the 10,000 mark, which a lot slower than my average pace, darn computer gremlins. That's right, I take no responsibility :P.

Here's to all of you NaNoers who have finished, you disgustingly talented and dedicated people :D.

I know you are eagerly awaiting the results of the IHeartPresents competition and I'm biting my nails with you. I'm hoping for an early December announcement because I have the patience of a two year old.

How are you all going? Are you hanging in there?


Diane said...

You and Devon would get on famously. :o)

Sri Pammi said...

Sorry about your computer problems. And, yes, I'm eagerly waiting for the results and finding it really hard to concentrate.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Condolences, Lacey. The passing of a beloved friend is always sad. ;-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Sri :D It shouldn't be long now!

LOL Jackie! Do you think Jane Austin was really attached to her quill?

That could be dangerous Diane :D

Sally Clements said...

Oh Lacey, what a bummer! The very last thing you need, computer problems. I'm stressing about the results too, feeling inadequate!

Joanne Cleary said...

Oh no! As someone who has no working 'l' on her laptop (although this comp is fine) you have my computer sympathies :-)

As for coping re. competition. I'm not. It's that simple! I was fine until the end of last week, now I jump every time my phone tells me I have an email and feel slightly sick while I wait for the message to upload.

My only realistic hope is not to get a form R and that the people who win are writers I know so I can brag and say 'I know them'!!

Suzanne Jones said...

Hugs re the computer problems - as a bit of a Luddite, I sympathise.

NaNo was a non-starter for me, so 10,000 is brilliant by comparison.


Lacey Devlin said...

Just remember how fabulous you are Sally! And eat chocolate :D I'm aiming to reach the size of a baby elephant by Christmas ;) I blame the computer.

Lacey Devlin said...

I think the poor 'l' key gets abused more than any other my own has been rubbed off. It's a good thing I'm a touch typer because I'm not sure the others aren't close behind. They just don't make keyboards like they use to :P

Lol Joanne! Ahh the nausea of waiting for results - just one of the many perks I think ;)

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Suzanne! I think it's not too shabby all things considered but you're not alone a LOT of people this year had a nonstarter. November just needs to learn to behave itself!

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs on the computer probs. And good luck with the comp xx

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