Saturday, December 12, 2009

Congrats To All!

The IHeartPresents competition winners have been announced! So a HUGE congratulations to Susanna Carr, Gill Glegg, Maggie Marr and Joanne Pibworth.

But it’s not over yet my friends, there's still feedback to be dished out! Seven more days of nail biting fun :D You may have missed placing by the skin of your teeth so keep those positive thoughts flowing!

Congrats to everyone who entered, that in itself is an incredible achievement!

HUGS all around :D


Jackie Ashenden said...

Yep, big congrats to all the winners! A fabulous opportunity to get your stuff in front of an editor and get it looked at quickly.

Sally Clements said...

An opportunity that everyone who entered got too, Jackie. Not just the winners. Still got fingers sneakily crossed for anyone I know, myself included!

Suzanne Jones said...

Echo your words, Lacey - huge congratulations to the four winners.


Joanne Cleary said...

Yep congrats to the winners, huge hugs to those with the nasty r and love to those still waiting :-)

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