Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading Addiction

I have a reading addiction.

It’s quite harmful really. Eye strain. Procrastination. I could live under a rock with a pile of books and that would be just fine… so I guess my socialization skills are going down the toilet too?

I don’t know a single writer who doesn’t like to read. I buy books before clothes, shoes and bags, which should say something since I really do love clothes, shoes and bags. I can spend hours reading but my FAVORITE moment is that second you close the back cover of a book and realize you’ve discovered a new author that you L.O.V.E!

All of a sudden you desperately have to read all of his/her books.

Enter Ebay.

Yes. I am also an Ebay-aholic because, let’s face it, it has cut book buying costs in half, you can ALWAYS find the book you want (eventually) and usually at a price that doesn’t make you buy beans for the rest of the month.

I love books that wrench your emotions and that have you climbing the walls alongside your characters. I love emotional conflict. That being said, EC is also the bane of my life. It’s not something that just spontaneously appears in all of my work. Sometimes I have to work for it. Sometimes I have to bleed for it. Sometimes I have to gain a couple of pounds from eating chocolate for it.

I just posted a query letter and synopsis for the Australian Magnate’s Secretive Secretary (AMSS) to NY and I’m feeling good, even while holding my breath, trying not to talk myself into a premature rejection grave or eat all my hair. But I’ve also read that the most common rejection response is that a piece of work is missing those two little words: emotional conflict.


May your work never lack emotional conflict.

Have you submitted a piece of work lately? Are you engaged in wrestling match with emotional conflict? Have you discovered a new author everyone should read?


Joanne Cleary said...

Hey Lacey,

Congrats on submitting! Which line have you submitted to? Is it Desire in New York or Blaze? Or something totally different?

I'm still wading through trying to get my book finished so I can be brave enough to submit.

Nicola Marsh said...

Great blog, Lacey (and I love that name! Lacey Devlin has a real ring to it...)

Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Joanne!

Thanks for the congrats my AMSS ms should have arrived in NY now and may even have made it to the Desire offices, fingers crossed that they love it.

Hi Nicola!

Thanks for dropping by. I'd always wanted an exotic name, something no one else had and now I do... sort of :).

Jackie Ashenden said...

Lacey, congrats on posting your query! Hope you don't have to wait ages before getting an answer.

Emotional conflict is the bane of my (and no doubt others) existence! I've just finished putting more in on some revisions I've been given. It's hell huh? Once you get it right though, then everything else falls into place.

Anyway, well done you for sending something off and good luck.

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