Thursday, March 12, 2009

Musecally Challenged

There is something very special about amazing yourself with your own stupidity… This happens often enough to me for me to find it amusing… well… most of the time. Most recently my amazing feat of stupidity was writing related.

Often I will temporarily drop a story for an idea. I will spend a couple of hours forming that idea, fleshing it out, perhaps writing what I know about each character and what would happen in their story. It’s a necessary evil, though it throws out my writing plans, but because I can so easily go back to that one line that may have triggered an entire story and create a completely different story it must be done. Unfortunately it does occasionally backfires… well this time it’s backfired (hopefully it won’t happen again.)

I have just finished an ms but I usually work on more than once piece at a time in various stages and one of these was an idea I was reviewing. I came to the end of the first quarter of my “idea” that had actually been written (and wasn’t half bad if I do say so myself ;) ) and then began to review the chapter breakdown for the rest of the book - that’s when it happened.

I have managed to take two different storylines and four very different characters and gradually merged them to a point where they can share very similar black points and endings.

I am not impressed.

I blame my muse.

Said muse is now on strike (if it wasn’t already) and I have developed a sort of block towards the storyline. Sure I can start other stories, I can finish another I am working on so I don’t feel like I’ve completely lost my mind but I do find it immensely interesting that not only have I managed to create the situation I seem reluctant to change it.

It will have to change though because I’m very attached to the characters involved and they’ve already been through so much that I can’t just delete them. They need their happy ending.

So here I am, sitting in a funny creative conundrum, a mess of my own making, and a very impressive one if I do say so myself!

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Been amazed that you’ve managed to create it in the first place? Been tempted to check your computer records to see if you’ve been sleep-writing because you’re pretty sure you’re not THAT stupid?


Rachael Johns said...

Scuse me if I've misunderstood - I'm sleep-challenged at the moment - but I think you're saying that you've got two similar bms and endings for different stories :)

I find that when I'm planning most of my stories have similarities. Either heroine's with similar pasts or hero's working towards similar things. I think subconsciously we all tend towards certain themes. My stories often end up being about allowing one's creative side to shine through... but that's never my intention consciously when I start!

Hope I've made some ounce of sense!

Lacey Devlin said...

That's exactly what I mean Rach!

I'm thrilled I'm not the only one who does this. I was starting to think I'd lost my originality (BIG uh oh).

Hope you get some sleep :) ahh the sacrifice of being a romance writing mama ;)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Lacey, I'm finding that's exactly what's happening to me too! Except in one story the heroine leaves the hero and in the other it's vice versa. But both entail the heroine doing things for herself without the hero hanging around being annoying.
Ah well, I think it's because there are only so many different internal conflicts to go around. They all kind of center around the same things: being scared of committing to someone, being scared of losing someone, being afraid to trust etc, etc. Or maybe I'm just not being very original. :-)

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