Friday, October 14, 2011

Why It Doesn't Suck To Miss Out On The Top 21

What does Nora Roberts, Stephenie Meyers, Charlaine Harris, Stephen King and Amanda Hocking all have in common?

They’ve all been rejected.


If you’re one of the 1069 who are licking their wounds today, having not made it into the Top 21 of Mills and Boon’s New Voices competition perhaps it’s because you’re following in the publication footsteps of the greats. People are going to try and kill each other to get to your new release first. That’s something to look forward to.

Of course, what’s going to happen in the future doesn’t help you right now, but this list of rejected authors might. I’ve started with #43 the Queen of romance herself, Nora Roberts, but the other links are in the sidebar. Find Nora and others here.

And remember, the editors haven't had the opportunity of reading a synopsis of your story and they can’t know how fabulous it really is. So, make sure you polish up your partial and send it off. Mills and Boon just bought a new author from last year’s competition and she didn’t make the Top 10 or the additional list of entries they requested more work from. Imagine what she would have missed out on if she hadn’t gone on and submitted anyway?

There’s also a lot less pressure on this side of the fence. You don’t have six days to churn out a perfect second chapter. The words “pivotal moment” aren’t going to make you hyperventilate. And you won’t be having dreams of giant roses eating your house.

You can be polishing while you’re wallowing so that you can get that partial into an editor’s hands ASAP.

For inspiring words from Mills and Boon authors check out:

Happy submitting and congratulations to this year's Top 21!



Caroline said...

Wise words Lacey, wise words. There is a lot of nastiness going on out there at the moment. Yes I'm disappointed, who wouldn't be, but we have to be professional, pick ourselves up, eat lots of chocolate, and then get on with it, as you say. Caroline x p.s saying that I'm am looking forward to reading the next chapters!

Catherine Coles said...

Absolutely! It's sad not to be chosen, but it's not the end of the world. I somehow want to quote my grandma today so here's another one "worse things happen at sea". Yes, they most definitely do.

Sally Clements said...

Giggling at the giant roses eating your house, Lacey!
And think of all the feedback the writers have got about what people love about their chapters - that sort of feedback at the beginning when you're introducing characters can be solid gold, and should be encouraging too!
Best of luck, everyone. x

Suzanne Jones said...

Terrific post, Lacey. Lots of positives to concentrate on there.


Elissa Graham said...

THe worst thing about my favs not making the top 21 is that I don't get to read chapter two and that sucks BIG time. But I'm with Caroline (eating lots of chocolate) and then getting on with the bizzness of writing the rest of my book.

P.S Did you see my request for a Top 1069 badge?

Lacey Devlin said...

Caroline - I've been eating chocolate in sympathy just ask my expanding behind lol! I'm looking forward to the next chapters too. I hope you'll go on to submit!

Catherine - Worse things do happen at sea! I love the quote :-)

Sally - You're right :- )The feedback is fantastic and often people point out plot holes or mistakes that you didn't see. So all is not lost! You watch those giant roses now ;-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Suzanne - I'm so glad you liked it.

Elissa - I agree. I also have to admit that I'm a little bit sulky about some of them. I hate it when I can't have the rest of a book straight away. I swear, whoever invented ebooks did so just for me :-) I'm glad that you're going to finish your MS and submit!

P.S. I had missed it :-( Can I blame my cold? I think it's a fabulous idea. I'm right on it!

Elissa Graham said...

Lacey I believe it is entirely possible to blame almost anything on a cold, so go right ahead m'dear.

I sure hope you're feeling better though :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks :-) Buttons will be going up soon. I choose to blame the cold for the delay too ;-)

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