Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Voices Competition Update 3

The first submission round of Mills and Boon’s New Voices competition closed with a bang yesterday and a whopping 1092 entries! That’s 271 more than in 2010 and it's now up to the judges to whittle that down to twenty.

Good luck to them!

As Madeline Ash pointed out, the Top Twenty will make up less than 2% which should indicate just how important it is to submit your story no matter what the results are.

The category percentages have also changed and stand at:

Contemporary Romance (50.3%)
Warm and Cosy (11.7%)
Historical (11.1%)
Paranormal (10.3%)
Romantic Suspense (9.4%)
Passion (7.2%)

I'm very impressed by the number of aspiring historical writers. Perhaps we'll see a historical entry or two in the top twenty this year. What do you think?

So, there's a whole 2 days, 8 hours, 25 minutes and 10 seconds until the Top Twenty announcement. Of course you can spend that time obsessively checking your entry and reading others, but if you'd also like to have something to do to keep your mind off the life changing news that could be coming your way I have some ideas...

1. Bestselling romance author, Nicola Marsh, is running a one week pitch competition in which you can win critiques by her and senior editor of Entangled Publishing, Liz Pelletier. You can find the details here.

2. The 26th Annual Hook, Line and Sinker competition has also launched to help you hone your skills for grabbing editor and agent’s attention. Find out more here.

Do you know of any other competitions in the works? Please let me know so I can add them to the list.

Good luck to all the NV entrants and happy writing/OCD inbox checking!



Julia Broadbooks said...

I love your countdown clock! I'm very excited for the announcement. I have a few titles I'm really hoping to see there!

Caroline said...

Thanks for being such a fantastic blog host Lacey. Counting down the days now.....Caroline x

Katherine Bone said...

Lacey, thanks for reminding us that we should query if our entries don't get picked in the top twenty.

Love following you on Twitter!

Christine said...

Thank you Lacey, for the countdown clock.

The standard was high this year, I don't envy the judges. As Julia says there are some entries I hope to see in the final.

Joanna Shupe sent me here from twitter.

Christine x

Lacey Devlin said...

Julia - I'm pretty fond of my clock too :-) I'm also very excited. I hope there are a lot of people from our blogland on the list!

Caroline - Aw thanks :-) I can't believe it's going to happen tomorrow! It seems like a shorter judging period this year.

Lacey Devlin said...

Katherine - Hi! Fancy meeting you here :-) I really hope everyone submits. They just announced that an author who didn't make the second list of forty last year submitted via slush and was published. Persistence is the key!

Lacey Devlin said...

Christine - Thanks for visiting! Did you enter NV too? I'll see if I can track down your last name for your entry :-) Lots of luck if you entered!

Elissa Graham said...

Hey Lacey what would be the chances of you making a Badge saying I Made The Top 1069 in New Voices 2011.

I'm a glass half full kinda gal :)

Christine said...

Hi Lacey,

Yep, I entered. My entry was The Taming of Coco Monroe. And I fiddled too much with it, typical.

I've always written under the name Christine Carmichael and was a finalist in the Valentine's Secret comp on HQ which was anonymous last Feb. I deliberately told no one I was entering to get reader feedback. Not many comments, so my experiment didn't quite work, I believe readers found it hard to navigate the site. Charlotte at M&B told me they would fix it for next year.

However, I'm now working my brand under the name C.C MacKenzie my blog is here: http://ccmackenzie.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/catch-the-wind-of-change-in-publishing/#comment-11

Along with contemporary, I write a futuristic urban vampire fantasy that finaled in the Romance Junkies competition this year.

I love your blog, Lacey and your fab attitude. I've been following the comments on the newvoices thread. And I reminded people too that they should sub and query on twitter and the newvoices thread. I hope they heard me!


Suzanne Jones said...

It's scary how many entries there were. And doubly scary because a lot of those entries were so terrific.


PS for Christine - are you the same Christine Carmichael who got everyone together after the comp a few years back?

Christine said...

I am indeed, Suzanne!

Those were the days! Gosh, do you remember the fuss after the results then?

A few of us were the voice of reason, lol! Some things never change.

The internet is such a small place.

It was just after I entered in 2009that I discovered I had breast cancer. The girls I met online have helped me through some dark days including a mastectomy. But I'm 100% fine and clear now and hoping to be published in the new year.

I think the message to everyone is never give up. The entries this year were amazing and the standard incredible. So, as Lacey and I have said, they should submit the first three chapter and synopsis not only to M&B, but to others too. Or even consider self pubbing. A couple of my group are doing it and doing well.

Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Christine!

CONGRATS on all your success and on finaling in the Romance Junkies competition! It sounds like publication could be just around the corner for you.

I'm so sorry that The Taming of Coco Monroe didn't make Top 21 :-(

It's wonderful to hear that you're 100% clear of cancer. You're an absolute inspiration.

Thanks for the link to your blog and your entry title. I'm off to check them both out!

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