Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've Been Bugged

I have tonsillitis.

I remember it being a lot more fun as a kid.

My favourite thing about getting sick is its timing. I’ve yet to manage to contract any kind of disease when it would be convenient to sprawl my prone body across the couch and moan at passers by. I tend to get sick just before an exam, interview, wedding... and spectators will see me stumble around the house or find me asleep on my keyboard.

Has anyone else been bugged? Come whine with me :D

Have you signed up for NaNoWriMo yet? I’ll be away for two weeks out of the month but I’ve got my name down anyway – it appeals the insane part of my personality and I predict lots of chocolate will be eaten and I may as well buy shares in Cadbury now.

For those of you not yet convinced, it’s a great fun. You’re looking at a daily average word count of 1667 to meet the 50K goal. You have permission not to wash the dishes, feed your family or sweep the floor and at the end of it you have a fabulous rough draft completed and waiting to be polished to perfection! It’ll give your writing productivity for the year a boost and generally make you feel great, especially when it’s ready to leave home for your publisher of choice!

To those of you entering the Harlequin Presents Writing Competition 2009 congrats! I confess that although my competition entry was completed long ago, I won’t be entering now (full ms request :D) but that’s not going to stop me harping on about it!

For any entrants shoveling M&Ms into their mouths as they teeter on the edge of hitting that send button, do it! Just press that mouse button, hit that enter key! Fear is a great excuse to eat chocolate but it won’t get you out of submitting if you live anywhere on planet Earth. No excuses! You’ll be amazed at how supportive the other entrants are. It really is a lot of fun!

I can’t wait to see who wins and I’m sure I’ll be checking the page as obsessively as anyone else. Let’s hope we don’t all crash the server.

I’m cheering you all on from the sidelines!

Hit that send button!



Jackie Ashenden said...

Commiserations on the tonsilitis. I've had that, it's horrible! Hope you get better soon, Lacey.
How's your ms going by the way?

I am signing on to Harlequin's Nano - rsi permitting!

gaelikaa said...

I'd love to do it but I'll have to wait till I grow my kids. But I'll still have a few years left, haha!

Janette Radevski said...

Yes - my husband came back from an o/s trip complete with man flu which he promptly passed onto me.

I too am away in November - but not brave to try Nano, go you.

Have my presents entry almost ready to go and similtaneously working on my full request too. Which line are you subbing to?

Rachael Johns said...

Sorry about the bug... I feel your pain, cos I have one too :(

BUT you slipped that FULL REQUEST news in very QUIETLY! Don't be shy... please tell us all the goss?!

What mss? What line? Is it finished? Good luck!!

Lorraine said...

I've been bugged too, lousy timing given I've been trying to complete my comp entry.

Fingers crossed for your full Lacey :-)

Sri Pammi said...

Hi Lacey,

So sorry about your tonsillitis. Ugh, there's never a good time fall sick.

Do you mind my asking why you're not entering HP contest if you have something ready? How are your revisions coming along?
Not doing NaNo this year. I feel like I'm going to miss out on all the energy it brings, but I really need to write a cleaner first draft. So, I'll be working on something new but at a snail's pace. Like Jackie said on my blog, rewriting is the pits.

Hope you feel better soon.


Suzanne Jones said...

Hope you get well soon, Lacey and sending you virtual chocolate for NaNo. Lots of luck.

What a great reason not to send your comp entry.


Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Jackie! Urgh to the RSI :D My current ms is going slowly unfortunately but it's not it's fault it's life's :P.

Lacey Devlin said...

Lol Gaelikka! It's a serious business growing those kids! If you can survive that you can do anything!

Lacey Devlin said...

We'll all miss you for Nano Janette! I hope you're surviving the flu I take my hat off to you with your comp entry ande full almost finished! My full ms request is at desire :D

Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Rach! I'm afraid its the same full ms request from a couple of posts ago :D I think we're coming up on a month now since I've submitted it to Desire and the excited buzz hasn't worn off yet :D.

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Lorraine! What amazes me about the bugs is no one else around me is sick. They're all disgustingly healthy so I've got no one to blame but myself :P

Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Sri! I haven't heard the verdict on my full yet so I'm not up to the revision stage but I live in hope :). Until then I continue on with my other yummy alpha males.

As for the contest, I've chosen not to enter because I have a full under consideration. It's a bit of a fine line as to whether or not you enter when this is the case but I prefer to concentrate on my current sub :D

Good luck with your new ms!

Lacey Devlin said...

Aw thanks Suzanne! I love virtual chocolate it never quite reaches my hips :P

Sally Clements said...

Hi Lacey
Had my entire crew down with flu (myself included) for the entire half term holiday break. Sucks! Anyway, now back on track, comp entry, tick, nano, tick. Wish I had a request for a full like you! Really fab news - sending over some virtual liq allsorts to have with your chocs!

Sally Clements said...

Oh by the way, if anyone wants to be a nano buddy, I'm moonlighting under Darcy Raven!

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Sally! I hope you're all better now, talk about being back on track! I love the name Darcy Raven!

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