Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Wall of Fame: Catherine Coles, Romy Sommers & Christy McKellen

It’s only the second day since the launch of the Mills & Boon New Voices Competition for 2011 and we already have not one but THREE entrants on The New Voices Wall of Fame.

CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine, Romy and Christy who all hit the submit button on September 14 and became contemporary romance goddesses.  Ladies, let the nail biting begin! ;-)

And while they’re doing that, here’s a taste of their first chapters:

Blake Hargreaves is an Army Doctor who was seriously injured overseas. Now he's home and trying to come to terms with both the physical and mental scars. The last thing he needs is to be house sharing with flighty, too attractive Sienna Andrews.

Blake Hargreaves is seriously sexy.  Get your hands on him at:

Coming Home (Contemporary Romance) by Catherine Coles


Katie Allerton turned her back on the fairy tale to live life on her own terms. Michael Kelly is the classic Prince Charming, and not at all what she wants. But Fate doesn’t care what she wants, for every Princess must have her Prince.

If you love a kick ass heroine, you’ll love Katie.  Find out if she’s met her match at:

Once Upon A Time (Contemporary Romance) by Romy Sommer


When Hannah inadvertently rescues vigilante Christian, she has no clue what she's getting herself into. At first he seems like the answer to all her problems, but she soon discovers his dark good looks and winning charm mask a troubled heart.

Christian’s gorgeous.  I call dibs and you can envy me that at:

The Darkest Side of the Heart (Contemporary Romance) by Christy McKellen

Loads of luck to the entrants and to everyone else... happy writing!



Susie Medwell said...

Hi Lacey, Would love to join the Wall of Fame. I'm Susie Medwell, my entry is called 'Her Dangerous Defiance' and it's in the Passion section. Some constructive comments would be great as I'm hoping this competition will help me improve!
Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

Julia Broadbooks said...

I'd forgotten that you did the Wall of Fame last year! Can't wait to add mind.

Maya said...

Rooting for everyone who had and is entering the contest but especially my fellow Minxes, Catherine and Romy! The very best woooot to you, girls!

Lacey Devlin said...

Susie - We'd love to have you on The Wall. Consider youself added!

Julia - I had so much fun last year I couldn't help myself ;-). I can't wait to read your entry.

Maya - I second that. It's very exciting to see how well the Minxes are doing :-)

Suzanne Jones said...

Lots of luck, Catherine, Romy and Christy.


Lacey Devlin said...

I wish you were entering too, Suz!

Rachael Johns said...

Just read Romy's AND Catherine's and can i just say WOW!!! I reckon you are both in with an awesome chance. Two totally different but equally fabulous chaps.

Lacey Devlin said...

They are great, aren't they? Thanks for the Minx support, Rach!

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