Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Bumpit. It sounds like a dirty word doesn’t it? Or a cushion for your behind? It’s actually a hair piece that allows you to create a pretty fantastic updo without a nervous breakdown.  Would I turn this down? Would I turn it away? Not when I have a wedding to go to at the end of August!

I am the queen of cheating when it comes to my hair. One day I’ll work out how to keep it perfectly clean and brushed without having to wash or brush it ever again…just give me time.

On a writing note, synopsis has become a dirty word in my house. It’ll earn you a glare in a good week or hysterical crying if I’m actually working on one. It’s two double spaced pages of torture to me and what comes out of that work at the end is often laughable (and not in a good way). Right at the moment I don’t have to worry about my synopsis. Why? Well, because I’ve managed to develop a block when it comes to writing them.

Having never experienced writer’s block I can now officially tell you it sucks, and staring at that blank word document is enough to make you go cross eyed and start slurring your words. So how do you combat this? Do you hope like hell that Harlequin suddenly decides they don’t want a synopsis anymore?

Yes. That’s exactly what you do!

Right at the moment I’m tempted to print of a sheet with my next ms stating that there is no synopsis because I’m incapable of writing one. Let’s see if they remember me then!

I think the problem is that I’ve changed my writing processes. Lately I’ve been struggling with the synopsis after I’ve completed the ms, so I decided to write it first (which I’ve done before so it didn’t seem like such a stupid idea at the time). The result is I can’t write anything at all! Genius idea huh? I’ve gone from being unable to focus or draw out the correct elements, resulting in a synopsis I’m bored with (and I imagine the editor will be too!) to not being able to write anything at all!

Is anyone else writing a synopsis? Want to come and cry on my shoulder? Want me to encourage you to go on strike and write that note?

Dear Editor,

There is no synopsis. There will never be a synopsis. The synopsis is a figment of your imagination.


Lacey Devlin

No? Too many words? How about one: STRIKE.

The great synopsis strike of 2009, with writers all over the world refusing to… I can hear the little reporter’s voice in my head already.

To anyone writing a synopsis you have my greatest sympathies!


Teresa Ashby said...

Great idea, Lacey! A Synopsis Strike!

I have yet to hear any writer say they enjoy writing them or find them easy.

Good luck with yours - you are not alone x

Jackie Ashenden said...

Lacey, see my blog. I am the queen of the bad synopsis - or at least, I was until I got some great advice (come in Michelle S!). Email me if you want some help with it. I am now a synopsis evangelist (in which case you may not want to email me. You may in fact want to sprint hard in the other direction!). ;-)

Lorraine said...

I feel your pain Lacey, I've got to redo two synopsis soon.

Love your letter to the editor :-)

Anne McAllister said...

You can always write the book and THEN write the synopsis. It's easier that way -- and then when they ask to see the completed manuscript you can fling it at them by return post. Very impressive.

Much better than saying you will have it to them in two or three months or whatever.


Suzanne said...

Am joining you in hoping like hell that HM&B see the light so we won't have to put ourselves though synopsis torture again.

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