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Unforgettable Heroes with Emmie Dark

I'm thrilled to have, Harlequin SuperRomance author, Emmie Dark, as a special guest blogger today. Welcome Emmie!

I have always had a thing for James Bond. I remember going to see one of the Timothy Dalton movies with friends from school and being all in a swoon over Bond’s dashing hero persona.

Timothy Dalton isn’t my favourite Bond. I know many people go for Sean Connery and I can certainly see the appeal there! But I grew up with Roger Moore and when I think of James Bond, his is the face that most quickly comes to mind.

But that, of course, is without considering the latest incarnation of James Bond – Daniel Craig. Hang on, wait a moment for me to clean the drool from my keyboard … there, that’s better.

Has there been a more swoon-worthy hero on movie screens in recent years? And why is he so appealing? One of the reasons, I think, is that this ‘modern’ version of James Bond isn’t invulnerable. He hurts. He struggles with his tasks and his values. He falls in love and has his heart broken. These are not the traits of the 70s and 80s James Bond that I grew up with.

I think that’s why Daniel Craig’s Bond is so affecting. We love our heroes to have some depth – some inner conflict and struggle. That all makes his ultimate triumph so much more rewarding – we know that it has come at some cost.

It’s also, for me, what makes for memorable romance novel heroes. Heroes who have to overcome their own emotional, physical and (sometimes) moral barriers in order to find completeness and happiness. It makes the HEA so much more rewarding when we know they’ve had to work hard to find it.

In my debut novel, it is my heroine, Cassie, who has the most significant obstacles to overcome. But my hero, Ronan, isn’t just having a plain-sailing time of it either. He’s trying to work out his place in the world and struggling with the deception he’s feels he has no choice but to see through. For me this made him more ‘real’ and made me fall in love with him all over again each time he stumbled and got back up again.

Who is your favourite Bond? Or do you have a different unforgettable movie hero? Leave a comment to be in the running for a signed copy of Cassie’s Grand Plan.


Four steps to a brand-new life

Cassie Hartman knows what she needs to do to get her life under control. First, she’ll get herself promoted. Then she’ll update her appearance. Steps three and four—marriage and family—well, those will have to wait.

Then Ronan McGuire shows up. The too-sexy, too-polished business consultant has the power to derail Cassie’s plans before she’s even really started. If he doesn’t approve her promotion, she’ll be back to square one—and that’s not an option. Cassie needs to keep her focus on that first step, no matter how much Ronan tempts her to skip ahead to the third and fourth ones....

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Emmie Dark’s Bio:
After years of writing press releases, employee newsletters and speeches for CEOs and politicians –none of which included any kind of kissing – Emmie Dark finally took to her laptop to write what she wanted to write. She was both amazed and delighted to discover that what came out was sexy, noble heroes who found themselves crossing paths with strong, determined heroines. And plenty of kissing.

Emmie’s overnight success has taken about five years to achieve. She began fiddling around with story ideas when the urge to write fiction became overwhelming. In July 2011 she sold her first book to Harlequin SuperRomance and she’s not looking back, with her second sale in September. Both books will be out in 2012.

Emmie lives in Melbourne, Australia, and she likes red lipstick, chardonnay, sunshine, driving fast, rose-scented soap and a really good cup of tea. Like, a really good cup of tea. She’s particularly fussy about it, and has been known to pack her own teabags when she travels. Most members of her family are too scared to make her a cuppa, in case they get it wrong.

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Julia Broadbooks said...

Daniel Craig, for sure! I watched the Bond movies before him, but I never felt emotionally invested in the character the way that I have with him.

It doesn't hurt his cause that he's so crazy hot.

Maya said...

I so agree - the rest of the Bond guys bring the swagger and the charm, but Daniel brings the emotion! That said, my heart will always belong to Sean (something about that mild Scottish brogue)!

sri said...

Daniel is it for me too....*wiping the drool off my face here* and it is exactly the reason, I love love that he hurt so much by the heroine's deception...Although I have a thing for Pierce Brosnan too from Remington Steele Days...:-)

Emmie said...

Hi Julia, I'm with you -- Daniel Craig is crazy hot.

Emmie said...

Maya, I totally get the appeal of Sean, but I agree, Daniel brings the emotion. In that torture scene when he's crying, I have to cover my eyes!!

Emmie said...

Sri -- I agree Pierce does have his appeal. All the Bonds do, but Daniel just has that extra something, doesn't he?

Joanne Dannon said...

I totally love Pierce Brosnan but think Daniel Craig gave the James Bond character the inner depth that the other previous Bond actors haven't.

Good post Emmie. I loved Cassie's Grand Plan and enjoyed both Cassie and Rohan's development throughout the book. With SuperRomance being a longer read, there is more room for character development which I liked.

Well done on a fab read :)

Suzanne Jones said...

Love Daniel Craig. Sigh.

Great post Lacey and Emmie.


Romy Sommer said...

Same as you, Emmie, I grew up with Roger Moore as Bond. But I loved Pierce Brosnna, and I love, love, love Daniel Craig!

Emmie said...

Hey Joanne, thanks for the comment -- glad I've been partly responsible for converting you to becoming a SuperRomance fan!!

Emmie said...

Hi Suzanne -- thanks! Yes, Daniel Craig, definitely *sigh*

Emmie said...

Hi Romy, sounds like you have the same "Bond history" as me!!

Maria Mohan said...

Roger Moore was 'my' James Bond. There really couldn't be another. For me at least.

Sally Clements said...

heI agree with you, Emmie, it's the fact that with Craig's bond they've allowed him to be vulnerable, and to grow.
And he's yummy too, score!

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