Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Your Lucky Underwear Ready

 A big thanks to MelRoXx for awarding my blog with a new badge!
Thanks Mel!

Over on Monique Devere's blog you can join a Writing Romance Question Forum. The line up of writers and editors include: Nicola Marsh, Natalie Anderson, Robyn Grady and Lucy King.

It’s time to get your lucky underwear ready ladies and gents!

The UK Mills & Boon Romance Is Not Dead New Voices competition is expected to open on the 6th of September 2010 with entries closing on the 22nd of September according to a comment left by Lucy Gilmour , Editor, Mills & Boon/Harlequin on The Good, The Bad and the Unread. I should point out here that the official website of the competition is not currently operational so take these dates with a pinch of salt as you would have expected the information to appear there first and you never know with the internet so don’t be too disappointed if these aren’t quite right. The Good,
The Bad and The Unread
  originally announced that September first is the opening date, so I think we’re pretty safe with September.

This is an X-factor style search for new talent with a judging panel and public votes across three stages, eliminating what I would expect to be hundreds of entries to just ten, then top four and finally to rank the top three. Full details and prizes as they are currently known can be found here.

I’m lurking/ stalking other bloggers where I’m expecting information to pop up (because they told me it would and darn it, if it doesn’t, I’ll sit on them) but if you find anything new please give me a shout.

If you’re unable to enter it should still be a load of fun to be able to read all the entries and try to tip the winner. So, what are you doing in September? Do you think you’ll be entering the competition? And if you are, which UK line would you target?


Caroline said...

Hi Lacey. Thanks for the tipoff. I think I'll give it a go. I would be writing for the HM&B Historical line I think. So I shall dust off my bloomers and wear them for the whole of September! Are you going to be entering? Caroline x

joanne pibworth said...

Lacey - LOVE the new look of your blog!
M&B competitions are fabulous, this one looks great with the new style format doesn't it?

Amy said...

Wow, Lacey. Followed you here from Jackie's site (where the lucky underwear title piqued my interest:) Thanks for the info on the question forum! What a FABULOUS opportunity.


Joanne Coles said...

I'm entering! I'm currently waiting for my ordered rhino skin to arrive so any less than stellar comments don't hurt my delicate writer's skin!!

At the M&B talk at RNA conference, they gave 6th September as the start date. However, they also said the website would be up and running over this last weekend ... and it's not. I think they had some last minute legal stuff to sort out.

I'm excited, it sounds fab. I'm targetting either Modern or MH. I don't seem to be able to decide quite which line is "me". How about you, Lacey?

Lacey Devlin said...

Caroline - That's great! I'm hoping to enter but I'm time poor until the middle of November so it could just be a fantasy :(.

Joanne P. - Thanks re my look, I had a small breakdown over it but I think it was worth it ;). I love the new format of the competition. It should be really interesting to see how it all works with the hundreds of entries and different lines. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Amy! Welcome! The question forum and the competition should be really great! Hope to see you there!

Joanne C - Ooo I want some rhino skin. I'm pretty sure I'm a whimp so someone else will be checking for soul destroying comments before I read them ;). If I manage to enter I think I would target the Romance line although I'm tempted to try Modern despite my lack of talent in that category lol.

Thanks for confirming the date can you feel the burn of my envy because I missed the conference? It was nice of Lucy to take the time to post that comment. It's the only record of the dates that I've found.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay for the new contest. I won't be entering - probably - but I'll be keen to read all the entries!

Kerrin said...

wow Lacey, i've been absent from your blog for a while! hope you have sorted.are sorting out your ms! Love the look of your blog, very glam!!
I won't be entering the comp, still working on my ms from the last years competition, even though i got a no thanks letter lol! these characters just won't rest!

Lacey Devlin said...

Jackie - I think we'll probably be reading buddies, sitting on the sidelines, drinking wine, with our finger nails in tact.

Hi Kerrin, you were missed. You're welcome to join Jackie and I and our wine ;). Good luck with your MS, will you be looking to submit soon?

Suzanne Jones said...

Thanks for the links, Lacey. And well done on the badge nomination.

Keep changing my mind about the contest. I think it's a great opportunity. But what if I'm like the deluded souls on tv talent shows who are utterly convinced they can sing, but can't?


Lacey Devlin said...

No problem Suzanne and thanks! I say go for it, you're definitely not a deluded soul! Perhaps you can use an alias?

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