Monday, May 17, 2010

Hitting a Wall

I share with you a nugget of wisdom…

If you go too fast on crutches, you could die.

I fell into a wall on Tuesday. I know what you’re thinking: “A wall? Really? Kind of hard to miss a wall…” and you’re right.

This one was big and white brick so it was far from invisible, but I had a great momentum going, if I do say so myself, and when I caught myself on a window ledge the crutches just kept on going without me.

Anyway casty is gone now but here’s a pic:

On a writing front my current WIP is still wringing each word out of me and I have to say that isn’t great for one’s motivation to finish it. Progress is still slow. Very slow. Drunk snail slow.
I’m hoping to get the draft done finished in the next week.


What is everyone else up to?

Technically this one is the second cast, the first was bright red and all I needed was a bit of lace and I would have been good to go in a cabaret routine. It was painful though so I was pretty thrilled to see the back of it a couple of days after surgery. There might be a couple of pictures of it around too. I should point out that the fur child is sure that the pillows are for her.

Oh and yes, I did go out in public with my toenails painted like that. Surprisingly people like it. Which just goes to show age is no boundary when it comes to fluro nail polish.

I should also mention that we have walking now, it’s a limping kind of walk and it only took 44 days to achieve but who’s counting?

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have a cold, a disease, a nasty little parasite (or I’m dying, it feels the same to me) and I’m using that as my excuse. Actually I’m pretty sure I got this particular cold from the delightful woman behind me at the hospital who sneezed all over me and let’s face it when you’re getting around on crutches it takes you a while to move. I did it politely too, no murderous glares, no lunging and strangling. If I’d known…


Judy Jarvie said...

Love the nails. And love the fur baby just as much.
Look after yourself. And permission to go slow fully granted! jx

Sri Pammi said...

Hey Lacey,

Hope you feel better soon.

Your toenails do look fabulous though. :-)


Caroline said...

Hope you feel better soon Lacey! You seem to have been thro' the mill recently. Cyber hugs going your way...Caroline x

Suzanne Jones said...

Oh Lacey, please take care - no more falling into walls.

The toenails look fab.


Jackie Ashenden said...

ARgh, Lacey, you poor old sausage!! And you're doing your WIP too? Well done on that, think I would have given up. But I LOVE the nail polish...

Kerrin said...

oh dear! glad you are recovering/have recovered! and i hear you about the slow progress re writing! i hardly wrote at all last week, only 400 words. but i hope to do more this week and then get write back into it (yes i did the type error on purpose lol!)
cyber hugs to you Lacey

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks Judy! I think I would have been better off with jet boots ;)

Thanks Sri, Caroline, Suzanne and Jackie! After a few days of being a sloth you want your computer back lol.

Hi Kerrin! Yay to the 400 words though, something is better than nothing right? There are weeks this year where I've managed exactly zero words so your 400 definitely puts me to shame :)

Sally Clements said...

Lacey, Love the polish. Makes me think I'll leave the keyboard and go paint mine... (NO! WRITE!) sorry, that was my internal alter ego having a shout at me.
Glad the cast is off, hope you're leg gets better soon. And a cold too? Its just unfair. I think there's a slow writing lurgy going round, all my blog friends seem to be suffering. Am sending you virtual echinachea, and think I'm going to also send out some cyber hawks to attack the crows of doubt that seem to be circling us all at the moment. Take that, crows!

Joanne Coles said...

Yay on the toenails, they look so cool!

Very cute furbaby ... erm, what is it?!

No more attacking the poor walls, what have they done to you anyway?!

Take care, hope the cold goes soon.

Lacey Devlin said...

Sally - It's great to know I'm not alone in my writing lethargy! Thanks for the virtual echinachea too!

Thanks Joanne! The fur baby (Zoe) is a miniature Maltese terrier. She's actually fully grown and one of two sisters (I went to get one and came back with two...) Lucy was helping me take the picture ;)

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